PrivaSys pioneers new technologies to meet the needs of payment card issuers by providing innovative payment solutions as a leverage point to reduce fraud and provide differentiation in a highly commoditized business. PrivaSys Card Lab incubates these ideas by prototyping their patented solutions for commercial deployment, then licensing these solutions to marketing partners.

PrivaSys has licensed its security protocol to American Express®, Discover®, First Data®, MasterCard® and Visa® for U.S. contactless payments.

PrivaSys licensed FiTeq™ the exclusive right to distribute the only proven and available solution for issuers to bridge to EMV chip issuance with immediate benefits, regardless of the point of sale transition from magnetic stripe to EMV. FiTeq's solutions leverage PrivaSys' patented EXTENSIBLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE ARCHITECTURE™ and VAULT SOFTWARE™ to produce a line of FiTeq card products that always include an EMV payment applet in conjunction with the FITEQ ENERGIZER STRIPE™ and FITEQ TRANSACTION SPECIFIC CODE™. In addition FiTeq's technology protects the investment of current EMV chip issuers globally when their cards are used in non-chip environments.